2525 East Arizona Biltmore Circle | Suite A-113
Phoenix | Arizona 85016
Telephone: 602.441.3770 | Facsimile: 602.626.8558
Email: jw@jwalkerltd.com

“We believe it is our purpose
to fulfill what is in the best interests
of the people we serve.”


“Jimmy is totally sincere. He is simply the nicest guy in the world.”
—Walter Scott
Berkshire Hathaway

“He’s a great businessman and a great friend. I call him the Big Contact.”
—Shaquille O’Neal
NBA Legend

“Jimmy is so pure. He is the greatest networking person I’ve ever met.”
—Reba McEntire
Award-Winning Entertainer

“You always know whatever you do for Jimmy it’s for something good.”
—Billy Crystal
Award-Winning Actor

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